Sasuke - Masahisa Fukase

Masahisa Fukase, 2021
Sasuke - Masahisa Fukase
Publisher: akaaka-sha
Dimensions: 260 × 185 mm
Pages: 192
ISBN-13: 9782365113106
€ 42.46

Divided into four chapters, the new publication “Sasuke” presents an organized collection of Fukase’s cat photography. Sasuke (and later Tomoe) was a faithful companion to Fukase, and became a regular subject of his photography. As with his most famous series “Raven”, Fukase’s photography features self-projection of the artist into the subject.
Fukase took the cats with him everywhere he went, and decided to explore a new practice with his animal friend. A vivid, extraordinary series of photographs that demonstrate Fukase’s technical and visual inventiveness.


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