Falling Water - Toshio Shibata

Toshio Shibata, 2021
Falling Water - Toshio Shibata
Publisher: The Velvet Cell
Dimensions: 325 x 275 mm
€ 47.17

In this book one of the key elements in Shibata's works, falling water, comes to the foreground in his black & white tableaus. Shibata’s use of long exposures capture the water’s strength, flexibility and innate grace as it spills, crashes, and glides over constructed dams, sluices and channels. Even as one imagines the roaring sound of the crashing falls from the imposing works of civil engineering, the quietness in Shibata’s vision reigns. Including water in his tableaus also gives Shibata’s work a softness that creates a beautiful balance with the rigidity of the human structures.


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