Hanayo's Underworld: Half a Century - Hanayo

Hanayo, 2021
Hanayo's Underworld: Half a Century - Hanayo
Dimensions: 217 × 155 mm
Pages: 320
ISBN-13: 978-4-309-29151-2
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“Hanayo’s Underworld: Half a Century” is a look back as well as a celebration of Hanayo’s many artistic activities. Born in 1970 and based in Tokyo, Berlin and London, Hanayo has been active as an artist, photographer, geisha, musician and model, and has shared her work in many different genres and media, from installations to photographic exhibitions, stage performances, music and video. Through her artistic works, photographs, documents, letters, writings, newspapers, interviews, notes and images, “Hanayo’s Underworld: Half a Century” traces the past 50 years in Hanayo’s life, offering the full picture of this transformative, innovative artist whose work has wandered the lines between dream and reality.


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