Continuum - Paul Cupido

Paul Cupido, 2019
Continuum - Paul Cupido
Publisher: Edition Bildhalle
Dimensions: 305 x 224 mm
Pages: 224 visible / 88 hidden pages
isbn-13: 9783952506615
€ 47.17

Paul Cupido's latest publication in which he deploys images taken during his travels to Japan on the islands Iriomote Island, Taketomi and Ishigaki to visualise his continuous spiritual journey into his inner self.


‘I aim to engage with the world with wide-open senses. My work is about the magic moments of life as well as its inconveniences. I want to take pictures, while forgetting about the process of photography, until I’m saturated with an existential sense of life. Every step I take begins with the notion of ‘mono no aware’: the transience of everything, the gentle melancholy of things, being sensitive to ephemera.’ - Cupido's artist statement


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