Photographic Works - Casper Faassen

Casper Faassen , 2022
Hardcover with dust jacket
Photographic Works - Casper Faassen
Publisher: Uitgeverij TERRA
Dimensions: 310 X 260 mm
Pages: 192
ISBN-13: 9789089898890
€ 56.60

Beauty against a background of apparent decay. Beauty is central to the artworks of visual artist Casper Faassen. The tranquil, eternal and beautiful is shown against a background of decay. His artworks are serene, yet rich in detail. He builds them up from different transparent layers, creating a distance between subject and viewer. A finish of crackle refers to painting and provides a contrast between beauty and apparent decay.

This book provides an overview of his photographic work of the Asia series, dancers from the Dutch National Ballet series, but also Cityscapes and still lifes in the style of Morandi.


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