Portrait of Nature ~Myriads of Gods~ [ Quiet Beauty ] - Nobuyuki Kobayashi

Nobuyuki Kobayashi, 2021
Portrait of Nature ~Myriads of Gods~ [ Quiet Beauty ] - Nobuyuki Kobayashi
Publisher: Nobuyuki Kobayashi
Dimensions: 305 x 308 mm
Pages: 76
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"I continued works production on the same theme naively afterwards for 27 years.
Time of 7 years passed from the previous book, I publish the second book at last.
The main theme and objects are same as previous book "Portrait of Nature ~ Myriads of Gods ~", but the subtitle is "Yu-Gen / Quiet Beauty”.
The words "Yu-Gen" is placed as the base of the Japanese culture in various art domains and are words to symbolize the Japanese-style of “beauty".
The meaning is defined as "a state of incalculable, and tasteful as elegant", "the noble and graceful thing".
In assuming such an aesthetic idea to the title of the book, there was the concern that it was too exaggerated. But in the works to take the portrait of gods, and explaining aesthetic sense of Japanese people, I came to think that is the best fit such ideal words.
Because "Yu (幽)" is "a state of wispy and quiet" and "Gen (玄)" is also a meaning of "the profound reason”.
For example, trees which is peace and calm although being eloquent, rocks which is mossed and is enshrined, clear water which flows endlessly and a state of filled deeply with pure aqua. When I stand face to face to them as I stand still in such nature, the word of "Yu-Gen" and the meanings of that are equal with the phenomenon in front of me without any sense of incongruity."

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