Today's Island dismantling - Moe Suzuki

Moe Suzuki, 2022
Today's Island dismantling - Moe Suzuki
Publisher: Moe Suzuki
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"With my son on the back of my bike, I cycle through the 'Today Island' twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.
One day, a waste contractor's truck pulls up alongside the house when there is no sign of people living in. The next is the house demolition contractor; first the tatami mats, windows and walls are removed, then comes a tiny little excavator. Within a day or two the small wooden house is gone without a trace. What remains till the end are the bath tub covered with tiles and the water pipes. When those too are removed, all that remains is a much smaller vacant lot than one might have imagined.
After a couple of months, the place is filled with a brand new, inorganic house, and I can't clearly remember what used to be there, even though I used to look at it twice a day.

The alleys barely wide enough for a person to pass, the shadows of houses that are always damp and full of mosquitoes, the smell of tanned leather in the air, the asphalt iridescent with the waste oil from the factories, the sky cut into squares; is dismantled in pieces and I cannot hold the whole picture of 'Today’s Island' in my memory."


Moe Suzuki


Photographs, editing, printing, binding by Moe Suzuki


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