Here goes river - Aya Fujioka

Aya Fujioka, 2017
softcover in slip case
Here goes river - Aya Fujioka
Publisher: AKAAKA
Dimensions: 252 x 187 mm
Pages: 240
ISBN-13: 978-4-86541-064-8
€ 45.28

Hiroshima, a city crossed by seven rivers. 70 years have passed since an atomic bomb was dropped above this river delta. Hiroshima, a city that symbolizes peace, a city that has become habitual to me. The Atomic Bomb Dome, now so meaningless it warrants barely a glance. These sights, always present in the backgrounds, are manifest in the subconscious that took all these snaps. Living along the riverbanks herself, Hiroshima-born photographer Aya Fujioka discovers, hiding in single moments, connections between the past and the now, and between the individual and society. Sceneries that arise from the figure of an individual person. Views that quiver with vitality. Once released from the stigma of “Hiroshima”, what kind of space-time does this city really present?

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