Dawn (Special Edition) - Yu Yamauchi

Yu Yamauchi, 2022
Dawn (Special Edition) - Yu Yamauchi: Yoake
Publisher: akaaka-sha
Dimensions: 420 × 295 mm
Pages: 34
ISBN-13: 978-4-86541-155-3
€ 66.04

Originally published twelve years ago, Yu Yamauchi’s “Dawn” is a breathtaking visual document of the beautiful colors and sights he saw high above the clouds and an impetus to reconsider our own perspective and our existence on the planet.
In order to create his photographs, Yamauchi lived in a hut located on Mt. Fuji, about 3000 meters above sea level, for five months, 4 years in a row, 600 days in total. Waking up above the clouds and beneath the stars, he photographed the sunrise each day, capturing an infinity of spaces and possibilities, each morning different from the one before. Yamauchi’s photographs—of the sky aglow in light, or illuminated in unimaginable color, or drowned muted tones—capture earth in an almost naked, exposed state, simply as one planet among many floating through nothingness.

This new edition offers Yamauchi’s “Dawn” series in an A3 size, giving each photograph more space to breathe and unfold.


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