so it goes, so it goes, so it goes - Miho Kajioka

nearly sold out
Kajioka, Miho, 2023
soft cover
so it goes, so it goes, so it goes - Miho Kajioka: nearly sold out
Publisher: the(M) ├ęditions & IBASHO
Dimensions: 160 x 210 mm
Pages: 126
Sold out

This book is the third edition of the award-winning book, 'so it goes' by Miho Kajioka. The original limited edition received the prestigious 'Prix Nadar' award in 2019.
Kajioka had always wished that her work could reach more people. To aid in this wish, IBASHO & the(M) éditions helped release an unlimited, more affordable second edition, which flew off the shelves just as quickly as the first.

Now, we bring you the third edition, 'so it goes, so it goes, so it goes.' This version stands apart from its predecessors, with not only a unique new cover but also mostly fresh content, including Kajioka's new colour images.

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