C’est quoi pour vous la photographie?

What is photography for you?
Various artists, 2023
C’est quoi pour vous la photographie?: What is photography for you?
Publisher: Chibi
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Pages: 302
ISBN-13: 978-2-9580598-4-2
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“C’est quoi pour vous la photographie ? / What is photography to you? " is an editorial project which offers you the answers of French and Japanese photographers to this question asked by Bernard Plossu.


In September 2023, we arrive at the second part of the project with the publication of the Japanese section. Inspired by Bernard Plossu's idea, Morgane Kieffer and Sophie Cavaliero will in turn ask this question to around a hundred Japanese photographers through influencers in the world of photography. Starting from the same presentation as for the publication with the French photographers, the responses of the Japanese photographers are transcribed in the form of a translated text of their response and a photographic proposal, all this under the supervision of prescribers from the world of photography (which you will find the list below).


The book begins with the response of MURAKAMI Hanako who presents a work referring to a passage from a letter from Louis Daguerre sent to Nicéphore Niepce: “I cannot hide from you that I burn with the desire to see your essays from nature. » Through this artistic choice, we are challenged by this society which very early on wanted to be able to see – and see again – what surrounds it. Today taking a photo is so simple and so banal that we may have forgotten to see or even want to see. So what is the desire to see? We sincerely believe that in the pages of this book, you will find multiple answers to the question “What is photography for you?” ".

For each photographer, a response and photos, a way of expressing oneself, a way of seeing, a desire to see.


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