Cuore Velato - Valentino Barachini

Veiled Hart
Valentino Barachini, 2019
softcover housed in a white cardboard box together with a small issue hand-sewed with 34 photos in four colours
Cuore Velato - Valentino Barachini: Veiled Hart
Publisher: Origini edizioni
Dimensions: 165 x 225 mm
Pages: 204
€ 94.34

This book, by the Italian artist Valentino Barachini, represents the synthesis of years of reflection on oriental art and culture, culminating on a long journey to Japan along the footsteps of the Shodo calligraphy discipline. Through a ruthless and independent eye, this story seeks to delve into the depths of a culture, exposing the most remote corners of things, in homage to Shinto animism that more than anything represents the key to these places. "Cuore velato" has a chiasmus structure and can be read in two directions, starting also from the end - as in Japanese way. It tries to discover a world, to understand it using its own categories: low profile, almost subdued. To discover this world, Barachini celebrates it and, at the same time, questions it, but its deep core -the heart- finally remains veiled anyway.


photos, design and handcrafted realisation by Valentino Barachini


limited edition of 100 copies signed and numbered.


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