OBSCURA - Yoko Ikeda

Ikeda, Yoko, 2023
OBSCURA - Yoko Ikeda
Publisher: Deadbeat Club
Dimensions: 230 x 180 mm
Pages: 44
ISBN-13: 978-1-952523-20-5
€ 23.58

Sinuous shadows of a wintry tree branch merge with the vine of a light wood panel. A patchwork of sidewalk pavement in assorted hues of warm grey, form an unpredictable pattern. Traces of rain, seep into the city's surfaces, gently transforming tones of yellow, grey and brown.
Throughout the pages of Obscura, the newest publication of Yoko Ikeda, we rediscover the renowned Japanese photographer’s unrivalled talent for unearthing and sublimating the treasures of her everyday urban environment, offering in exquisite detail the richness of humble subjects.
Through her lens, Ikeda sees the marvels that are hidden all around her. And with tight framing and precise intuition, they become precious fragments of color and texture responding to each other in a delicate play of correspondences.


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