In my room - Ryudai Takano

Ryudai Takano, 2005
hardcover 56 pages
Publisher: Sokyu-Sha
Dimensions: 293 x 215 mm

The title ‘In My Room’ perhaps suggests a series of photos of intimate friends, lovers, family members or otherwise personal relations. However, looking at the images we realize the intent to hide any relationship between photographer and subject. The people in the photographs stand in front of a white background, illuminated to make their features, their contours clearly visible. The images are arranged by separating images of the lower and the upper body. Although the photographs of the upper body do focus on the face and thereby seemingly earn the label ‘portrait photography’, the photographs of the lower body give a more enigmatic impression as they intentionally omit certain attributes. - From text by Mika Kobayashi 


A hard to find book in a limited edition of 550.

Copy available is an Artist Proof of the limited edition of 550. 

Condition is very good. Some shallow scratches on the front of the book.


stock number: AB153

In my room - Ryudai Takano
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