Neko - various Japanese photographers

Cavaliero, Sophie, 2019
softcover 316 pages
Publisher: iKi ├ędition
ISBN: 979-10-95601-24-1
Dimensions: 200 x 200 mm

Neko is the word for cat in Japanese. Cats play a significant role in Japanese culture from Hello Kitty to the maneki-neko, from A Cat, A Man, and Two Women written by Junichirô Tanizaki to The cat returns from Ghibli Studio, from Chiro, Nobuyoshi Araki’s cat to Masahisa Fukase’s Sasuke. When visiting Japan, no one could ignore cats present everywhere in the streets but also their representations in bars or restaurants next to the tanuki.

This book is the result of a challenge adressed to Japanese photographers: to submit to a professional jury a series of very personal pictures on the subject of the cat, in their own visual language, using their own technique. This book presents the projects and is linked to a series of exhibitions in France and Belgium.


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Neko - various Japanese photographers
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