Stay Gold - Yosuke Takeda

Yosuke Takeda, 2014
hardcover 80 pages
Publisher: Omoplata, Taka Ishii Gallery
ISBN: 978-4-905052-64-7
Dimensions: 262 × 215 mm

This photo book was published to accompany the solo exhibition “Stay Gold” at Taka Ishii Gallery in 2014. 38 photographs made between 2006 and 2014 are included. Mostly straight snapshots, the images share a flatness and composition similar to abstract painting. With the book there’s an awareness of the progressive artist standing between the acts of fixing an image to photographic paper and operating monitor displays with images as digital data, continuously exploring the possibilities of photography. Accompanying text comes from art critic Minoru Shimizu.


Limited edition of 1000.


stock number: NB006

Stay Gold - Yosuke Takeda
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