The Red Bridge - Toshio Shibata

Shibata, Toshio, 2015
softcover 60 pages
Publisher: iki
ISBN: 9782954505039
Dimensions: 150 x 115 mm

« I was driving along the Yoshino River that flows through the Sameura Dam deep in the mountains of Kochi Prefecture, when I found the red bridge reaching over the misty river. » - Toshio Shibata.


His photographs of the infrastructures built by man in nature have made Toshio Shibata famous. After having favoured black and white for many years, Toshio Shibata (born in Japan in 1949) has switched to colour photography at the beginning of the 2000s, and his Red Bridges have become some of the most emblematic of his works.


limited edition of 700.


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The Red Bridge - Toshio Shibata
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