Iro To Katachi - Yasuhiro Ishimoto

Color And Form
Yasuhiro Ishimoto, 2003
hardcover with dust jacket and obi 130 pages
Publisher: Heibonsha Limited Publishers
ISBN: 9784582277517
Dimensions: 291 x 240 mm

Juxtaposition of two magnificent sequences: "Hana", Ishimoto's black-and-white flower photographs, and "Meguriau Iro To Katachi", his masterly semi-abstract studies in color. Pursued later in his career, the separate bodies of work show the influence of both the Bauhaus aesthetics that he immersed himself in during his Institute of Design stint as well as the enduring influence of Japanese aesthetics: Rigorous yet vibrant, ethereal yet sensual, cosmopolitan yet natural, all at the same time. Viewed individually and together, "Hana" and "Meguriau Iro To Katachi" represent some of the most beautiful "painterly" photographs one is likely ever to see.


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hardcover with dust jacket and obi
Iro To Katachi - Yasuhiro Ishimoto: Color And Form
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