APARTMENT - Miyako Ishiuchi

Miyako Ishiuchi, Kineo Kuwabara, 1978
softcover with obi 120 pages
Publisher: Shashin Tsushin-sha
Dimensions: 235 x 285 mm

Miyako Ishiuchi's photobook Apartment doesn't describe a sad scene of isolation so much as lament the vanishing communal life of the Tokyo apartments that were rapidly disappearing in the 1970s, replaced by new apartment blocks that improved living standards but also rendered obsolete the permeable walls of the buildings she photographed.Rather than portraying specific rooms, Ishiuchi's photographs are meant to express a rough texture, to communicate the feeling of the world in which she lives. The grainy finish of these images has its own charm, suggesting the sensation of coming into contact with one's own universe.


first edition


signed copy available in very good condition and accompanied by a typed letter in English from 1984 signed by the artist, which is the afterword by the book.


text by Kineo Kuwabara and Miyako Ishiuchi


stock number: AB022



softcover with obi
APARTMENT - Miyako Ishiuchi
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