Tools - Keiichi Ito

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Keiichi Ito, 2018
softcover 30 pages
Publisher: self-published
Dimensions: 176 x 231 mm

"Ise shrine has Hikinen Sengu every 20 years as of 1300 years ago. Shikinen Sengu is to transfer the body of a god to the new divine palace. Ise shrine was totally built new, including 1576 pieces of the interior, the costumes and the swords, etc, after that the god transferred to the new divine palace. By using the same method every 20 years, traditional methods are inherited for 1300 years. Traditional craftworks made with traditional techniques are used not only in rituals of the Year Shrine, but also for people's practical use and enjoyment. And it will continue to the future.

In this project, I focus on tools for making traditional Japanese crafts, then trying to visualize overlapping of history and solid succesion to the future. 

I also photographed with a film camera and made a work with platinum palladium print using traditional Japanese paper lasting 1500 years." - Keiichi Ito's artist statement.


handmade and self-published artist book on Japanese paper and binding.


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Tools - Keiichi Ito: Temporary out of stock - new books will arrive soon
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