Kan-nagara - Issei Suda

Issei Suda, 2017
hardcover with dust jacket and obi 128 pages
Publisher: Place M
ISBN: 978-4-905360-17-9
Dimensions: 210 x 305 mm

"Anyhow, let's go.

On February 1, 2016, I picked up my camera and got in the car with my wife. She was the driver. That was the moment I started taking photos again for the first time since having been stricken by illness at the end of the previous year. 

During the ten months since becoming sick I had completely lost the desire to take photos. The disease had deprived me of the ability to control my body, but the damage to my spirit had been worse.

It was shameful. I should not have let the fact that I could no longer take photos as I had before be an excuse to stop taking photos entirely. In fact, however, it paralysed me. Then, I made up my mind. I would photograph the scenery that I could see from the vantage point of the passenger's seat of the car. If I considered this my photographic style, there would be nothing to worry about." -- Issei Suda, from statement in the book.


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hardcover with dust jacket and obi
Kan-nagara - Issei Suda
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