After the Snowstorm - Yoshinori Saito

Yoshinori Saito, 2021
softcover 68 pages
Publisher: IBASHO & the (M)├ęditions
ISBN: 979-10-95424-29-1
Dimensions: 160 x 230 mm

Yoshinori Saito lives in the most northern part of Japan, Hokkaido. Winter there is long and the snow falls intermittently for about four months. The long stretches of snow are tedious, however after the snowstorm when all the snow has settled, there is this endless expanse of white: pure, calm and silent.


“When I walk on the fluffy virgin snow, in the distance I notice unusual forms. On closer examination they are only some weeds, with their stalks broken and leaves fallen, leaving only a skeletal form. Against the white snow these forms appear black and form sharp markings, as if drawn.
This moment also gives me a deep connection to the indigenous Ainu people of Hokkaido. They believe that when their time on earth is over, they return to God’s world, and in due course will reappear. To reflect this sentiment, each work is titled to reflect their world. It is as if the forms are whispering to me, through the tranquility, giving me hope and gently supporting me through to spring.” 
- Yoshinori Saito


limited edition of 500 numbered copies.

text by Yoshinori Saito in Japanese and English


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After the Snowstorm - Yoshinori Saito
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