Trees, Water and Light - Mika Horie

Horie, Mika, 2022
softcover 120 pages
Publisher: IBASHO & the(M) ├ęditions
ISBN: 979-10-95424-30-7
Dimensions: 240 x 170 mm

'Have you ever had feelings of relaxation, meditation and opening your mind when you see the clouds in the sky or the sea? Have you ever seen the blue earth in arial photos?

Water, sky - the natural objects we live in that are concentrated in blue.' ... 

'Blue has the effect of escaping from time and material possessions that floats past, present and future. I believe this is the only colour that allows you to escape from yourself and enter your world of poetry and the memories deep down in your heart.'


These are some lines from Mika Horie's new artist book 'Trees Water and Light'. The title refers  to the  main elements that Horie uses to create her cyanotypes. Cyanotype is a photographic technique, utilising the photo-sensitivity of iron salts. Light and shadow are transferred as gradations of blue and slowly exposed by the sunlight. 


Horie’s prints are all different, unique, even when they show the same image, because of the handmade paper and the ever-changing sunlight. This uniqueness is emphasised in the book. Each copy of the book is different, for it has  its own cyanotype print of a poetic scenery on handmade paper, which makes each book a unique experience. For the interior, the perception of the original is perceived by the artistic photography that almost makes it look like the original, and enhanced by the choices for ink and paper. The rough edges of the book emphasize the character of the handmade paper and its softness. 


The book design is from Akiko Wakabayashi and is printed by RobStolk.


The special book is limited to 300 signed and numbered copies. 


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Trees, Water and Light - Mika Horie
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