Contrepoint - Yoko Ikeda

Ikeda, Yoko, 2022
yellow hardcover 336 pages
Publisher: IBASHO & the(M) ├ęditions
ISBN: 9791095424376
Dimensions: 240 x 150 mm

Yoko Ikeda’s latest artist book enables one to fully emerge in her playful way of looking at the world. Her body of work is ever expanding and versatile, resulting in this voluminous book with an alluring sequencing. The musical term ‘contrepoint’ comes to mind whilst flipping slowly through the book: although Ikeda’s images independently are already exceptional, the clever design of and pairing of images in the book by Akiko Wakabayashi has led to an elegant interdependence of Ikeda’s images resulting in an exquisite visual harmony.


Book design by Akiko Wakabayashi.


Limited edition of 500 numbered copies.


Choice between yellow and blue cover.


stocknumber: NB493

yellow hardcover
Contrepoint - Yoko Ikeda
€ 70.76
blue hardcover
Contrepoint - Yoko Ikeda
€ 70.76