Sean Lotman (born in Los Angeles, US) has lived in Japan, first in Tokyo, then in Kyoto, since 2003. His works have been shown in France, Germany, Spain, Japan and South Korea.


"Originally a writer of stories, I am interested in the narrative potential of photography-- how pictures can be assembled to articulate a mood-- and the mood I am most concerned with aesthetically is one of surreality. A child of comic books, Twilight Zone episodes, and Technicolor musicals, I am interested in reconstituting realities parallel to ours, somewhat familiar bur rather not, like half-remembered dreams. As an American in Japan, essentially a stranger needing to adapt to a society unlike the one I've always known, I have, in turn, attempted to turn Japanese geography, people and signs into an imagination all my own, filtered through a psychedelically-infused color palette.  It is a world of my own making, transposed  upon my color darkroom prints. Vividly portrayed in reds, blues, blacks, and yellows, this is a land of people and place and visualised not as they are, but as they never could be."


IBASHO  shows Lotman's series 'Sunlanders'. Also works from Lotman's other series 'The Sniper Paused So He Could Wipe His Brow', 'Middle Life Notes' and 'Lost in Space' will be exhibited.


His books 'Sunlanders' (2016) and 'Middle Life Notes' (2019) will be available in our bookshop.