Albarrán Cabrera in #47 Mizu:

“It is assumed that photography is a visual practice where light is captured to create an image. However, this is not the only way it can be experienced. We believe that photographs are also memory triggers. They can help you bring back forgotten perceptions such as cold or heat, sounds and  smells.


The crown jewel of Basho’s work, who wrote more than thousands of haikus, is considered to be Mizu no oto -水の音- (The sound of water)


Ah, an ancient pond—

Suddenly a frog jumps in!

The sound of water.


We could say that in this particular haiku, the sound is the trigger: a splash or a plop or a smack which helps us visualise the frog.


Similarly, let’s look again at these photographs of water. Do you see only images? Or can you also hear the breeze, the splashes, the sprinkles, the drips, the crashing waves...? Photography, as Basho's haiku, does not only show reality. It also puts forward images reflecting intuitions. It helps us recreate the world inside us.”  - Albarrán Cabrera, June 2021


Albarrán Cabrera are the photographers Anna Cabrera (b. 1969, Sevilla) and Angel Albarrán (b.
1969, Barcelona) who work together as a collaborative duo based in Barcelona. The work of Albarrán Cabrera has been shown in galleries and photo fairs in Spain, Japan, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Lebanon, Italy and the United States. Anna and Angel have studied under photographers such as Humberto Rivas and Toni Catany, among others.
Some of their prints have become part of private collections and institutions such as Hermès, Goetz Collection, Banco de Santander, Fundación de Ferrocarriles Españoles to mention a few. They have also produced printing work for several institutions like Fundació La Pedrera in Barcelona, Fundació Toni Catany in Mallorca, Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid or Barcelona Photographic Archive.