Naohiro Ninomiya lives and works in Strasbourg, France. He was born in Nagoya, Japan, 1969. And quit his job in a company in 1996 to work on a farm in the Hokkaido region. 

Naohiro moved to France in 1998.


For his work 'Taki' he found inspiration by the work 'Nachi Waterfall', an example of so-called suijaku syncretic Shinto-Buddhist painting. The painting also provides important information for research on various aspects of landscape paintings. In this series of 'Taki' waterfalls he worked with a Toyo Viez 45 GII. Camera.



Ninomiya's work got selected for awards as winner of the prize La Découverte, France in 2004 and several awards in 2006, winner of the first prize of Arts du Rotary, Strasbourg, France, a selection at Voies Off des Rencontres d'Arles, France, and a selection at Descubrimientos de Photo Espana, Spain. After he got 3rd place of EMERGENT ARTIST AWARD in 2012.