#14 Hideyuki Ishibashi

20 October - 20 November 2016

IBASHO invites you with great pleasure to the solo exhibition of young Japanese artists Hideyuki Ishibashi. Ishibashi has developed a highly personal and atypical approach to his photographic practice. Since moving to France four years ago, he has mainly been using found photographs from antique markets, random postcards, shots from Google Street View, and anonymous online images. By carefully stripping them from previous meanings and reconstructing them, he creates new images. His chimerical series Présage is the result of the artistic process of collaging these found images and adding some conceptual sketching. Part collage, part conceptual sketch, these new images exist somewhere between 'reality' and a 'figment of your imagination'.

The exhibition also presents his project Other Voices, in which Ishibashi deployed a method of layering: scanning and printing negatives, rephotographing them with a Polaroid camera, scanning the Polaroids, printing them, and repeating this method several times. By means of this multi-layered process, Ishibashi explores whether a personal image may loose its own time and become the image of another time.

Ishibashi's work intends to give viewers time to rethink the act of seeing and to see the ambiguity within the deceptively simple act of 'seeing things as they are'.