A Canvas of Sand - Tokio Matsubara

Matsubara, Tokio, 2021
A Canvas of Sand - Tokio Matsubara
Publisher: Michioto Publishing
Dimensions: 279 × 197 mm
Pages: 64
ISBN-13: 978-4-9909354-4-3
€ 94.34

In contrast to the historic images in his photobook “Living with the Waters” (released in 2021), with “A Canvas of Sand” Japanese photographer Tokio Matsubara presents a series of recent photographs.

Taken between 2016 and 2021, the photographs show the sand at Katanami Beach, a place Matsubara visits as part of his daily routine. Matsubara, trained in traditional painting, treats the sand as a canvas on which the waves, the wind and the occasionally animal paint abstract traces of existence and time. Shot in black and white and reproduced with ultra-high resolution printing, Matsubara’s photographs capture these ephemeral accidental brushstrokes in all their delicateness and beauty.


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