Absentee - Sayuri Ichida

Ichida, Sayuri, 2022
Absentee - Sayuri Ichida
Publisher: IBASHO & the(M)├ęditions
Dimensions: 18 x 14.6 cm
Pages: 122
ISBN: 979-10-95424-35-2
€ 75.48

'Absentee' is about the temporality of our existence. Centred around Ichida's own body, juxtaposed with everyday objects we normally overlook, the boundary between the figure and man-made objects disappears and blends to evoke an ever-changing state of being. This body of work is an evocative depiction of a sense of detachment, an absence, from self and reality.

Ichida's book is designed by Tomasz Laczny and printed by Robstolk. It is published in a limited edition of 500

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