Des oiseaux - Albarrán Cabrera

Albárran Cabrera, 2020
Hard cover 96 pages
Publisher: Atelier EXB
ISBN: 978-2-36511-260-4
Dimensions: 264 x 210

The poetic universe of the Spanish photographic duo Anna Cabrera and Angel Albarrán is presented her, being a dreamlike journey to the land of birds.

Time, memory, beauty are themes that run through all the work of the photographers. "We seek to experience the beauty of discovery", they specify. "Between reality and illusion, the image questions our relationship to the tangible world. Photography helps us understand reality, images are like visual notes in a notebook.” Each image is like a frozen story. Its chromatic nuances immerse us in colour. Cabrera and Albarrán use many processes: platinum palladium, cyanotype, silver gelatin, pigmented printing ... The image becomes sensitive vibration. For the 'Des Oiseaux' collection, the duo made photographs especially for the book. The beauty of the ephemeral, a certain melancholy but also the fragility of the moment captured by the lens are revealed through images in bronze colors or in monochrome. The birds seem straight out of fantastic tales; they take flight on shimmering surfaces, disperse among dark foliage. The tight frames underline their physical presence. The birds become almost abstract. The supple two-tone neck of a pair of swans, the immaculate beak of a lustrous black moorhen, wings of wood pigeons spread with silver pinnae, peacock feathers with a sumptuous fall: the formal play of shapes serves as a counterpoint color saturation. Cabrera and Albarrán leave the interpretation of their images to the memory of the viewer, following the approach of Joan Miró, who in his painting 'Bird in Space', gives a minimal representation of the bird, through points or shadows, to let our imagination fly.


This publication is the 7th title of the "Des Oiseaux" collection by Atelier EXB.


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Hard cover
Des oiseaux - Albarrán Cabrera
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