#31 Subtle Shadows of Bamboo on Bamboo - Albarrán Cabrera

19 January - 10 March 2019

The artistic duo Angel Albarrán and Anna Cabrera (both born 1969 in Spain) travel to and stay in Japan frequently, and their time spent in this country has strongly influenced the aesthetic content of their work and printing techniques. The solo exhibition at IBASHO will show works from their series, 'Mouth of Krishna' and 'Kairos', giving the visitors a thorough overview on the essence of their work.

The title 'Subtle Shadows of Bamboo on Bamboo' derives from the renowned Japanese 14th century playwright and theorist of the Nōh-theater, Zeamie Motokiyo, who used it as a metaphor for Yügen, the most important of all of the Japanese aesthetics values combined with Wabi and Sabi:


Yügen entails three elements, which can be seen in Albarrán Cabrera's works:

A traditional sense of elegance.

A mysterious depth of the Universe.

A feeling of sadness because all the things are transient.


The duo uses a wide range of processes and materials and handcraft their prints using classic printing methods, such as platinum and silver halide or invent new ones, such as pigment prints on gold leaves. They create copies that are unique in themselves. The poetic and sensual nature of these prints is proof of an unrivaled craftsmanship.