#43 Pale Blue ● - Albarrán Cabrera

28 January - 14 March 2021

IBASHO will start the brand new year 2021 with the exhibition ‘Pale Blue Dot’ by Albarrán Cabrera. The accompanying book ‘Pale Blue Dot’ was launched in November 2020 and now works from the book will be on display at IBASHO. 


Albarrán Cabrera’s newest project is based on a Japanese creation myth in which all life and humanity originates from the oceans.Their thoughts on this myth are profound:


‘Earth’s memories are stored inside her strata. She talks to us through these records. But the information we have from Earth, as it happens to our memories, is incomplete.

It is mankind’s task to decode this information to better understand what Earth is trying to tell us. This story is part truth and part a creation of our mind. But what really matters is that this story tells us who we are and where we come from.

The history of Earth and ours is interlinked. Once oceans covered the entire planet and life rose out of them. Our existence evolved from the oceans. However, nowadays we are moving away from Nature. But this split is just from the point of view of humans. Whether we want it or not, we are part of this whole.

We are but a little anecdote in the evolution of our planet and in our pride, we state that we are the ones destroying the planet. The truth is that poisoning the ocean, the soil, the air we are only destroying the human race.

Planet Earth has been without us for eons and it will go on. Earth is prepared to evolve and adapt in a way mankind cannot. There is only one way to stop this separation from our origins and it means to restore our relation with the ocean, the Earth and Nature as a whole.’


Albarrán Cabrera is the artistic duo Angel Albarrán and Anna Cabrera (both born 1969 in Spain). They travel to and stay in Japan frequently, and their time spent in this country has strongly influenced the aesthetic content of their work. They use a wide range of processes and materials and handcraft their prints using classic printing methods, such as platinum and silver halide or invent new ones, such as pigment prints on gold leaves. They create copies that are unique in themselves. The poetic and sensual nature of these prints is proof of an unrivaled craftsmanship.


“Creation is eternal birth. A beginning without end. It happens in every instant of time. The same power which burns in the stars burns equally in us. Our being is a miracle equal with the creation of the Universe, each day is created anew.” 

Terrence Malick.