#53 Toshi-City: Summer group exhibition

25 June - 28 August 2022

For the 2022 Summer group exhibition IBASHO has chosen the city ('Toshi' in Japanese) as a theme. Who thinks of Japanese cities, thinks of Tokyo first. This hypermodern city in which the traditional Japanese culture is never far away and is the home for millions of Japanese, has been a treasure trove for numerous photographers. Of course Daido Moriyama has roamed the streets of this beloved city, as well as Ed van der Elsken and William Klein. Most contemporary photographers in the exhibition have focused on this metropole. But also Brussels (Reiko Imoto), New York (Keizo Kitajima) and Chicago (Yasuhiro Ishimoto) have been subjects for the lens of Japanese photographers. This has resulted in a varied exhibition, that can be visited over the holiday season.


Artists: Bert Danckaert, Ed van der Elsken, Ronin de Goede, Mikiko Hara, Reiko Imoto, Keizo Kitajima, William Klein, Ilse Leenders, Asako Narahashi, Kiyoshi Niiyama, Yasuhiro Ishimoto, Sudi , Toru Ukai, Yoshinori Mizutani, Daido Moriyama, Sean Lotman