Miki Nitadori is a multi-disciplinary Japanese artist who specialises in photography and invisible art practice. She is an Adult Third Culture Kid who grew up in Asia, in Japanese-American community of Hawai'i, and in Europe. She belongs to the 15th generation of the Nitadori clan, from the North-East of Japan. She is both deeply rooted in these origins and yet her experience is that of a migrant. Her art explores this paradoxical existence, relating to her daily life as well as history, and Contemporary Life, becoming a form that nonetheless raises simple questions.


Her core subject is human interaction within a greater temporal context - the past, the present and the future. Through these elements she explores and questions social codes and their limitations. In her visual practice that is based on photography, her main subjects are immigration, memory and identity. She works with various techniques of re-reproduction of photography; unique pieces are created in this way and still presented to the audience as 'photography'. Nitadori's technical choices are also important conceptual elements. They question the techniques and processes of photography itself,  as well as elements in the "photographic frame". The works draw attention to the paradoxes and limitations of photography.


Miki Nitadori has exhibited and screened in such places as Museum der Moderne, Salzburg (Austria), Honolulu Museum of Arts, Hawai'i (USA), Mois de la Photo 2014 in Paris on the theme 'Anonymous/Celebrity' (Valerie Fougeirol, curator), Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia (USA), Temporary Art Center Eindhoven (Netherlands), The International Film Festival Rotterdam (Netherlands), and L'imagerie, Lannion (France). She lives in Paris and works at Le6b in Saint-Denis.